Abyss Research – Chinese energy industry

Abyss is a boutique research and consulting company specialist in Chinese energy industry, with focus on natural gas, power and nuclear sectors.

Think of us as an information engine—we offer high-quality, tailored-made information products, investigation services and in-depth analysis to empower your investment, business, academic and policy interests in China’s energy market. As a boutique consulting firm, we offered services with much higher flexibility.

We value unwritten details beneath the iceberg of data. Our research not only offer the common wisdom on Chinese energy policy and market development. But more importantly, they combine our understanding on the “Chinese reality”, based on long-term working experience with the central decision makers, SOEs and regional government. Coming from the investigation journalism background, we have in-depth knowledge on many policy and project cases, which forms our angle of making analysis in the ocean of data. We hope to guide you through the process of — what to look at, how to look at, but not just simply offering you vastly spreading information.

We are keen observer on Chinese energy industry, as we believe that Chinese energy strategy and policy would always mean a great deal to the world energy consumption, market development and carbon emission.

In our website we offered Chinese energy market data update, hope to connect with experts worldwide who have a strong interest in energy market and encourage communication.  (check our our Data Iceberg)